Solid Edge University 2012 Begins Today

Today begins SEU 2012. Not really sure what to expect except good things for the software and hoped for things with integration of peripheral applications like CAM. Certainly anticipating there to be a push towards being a complete manufacturing solution but how far advanced this is and what is entailed is not know by me. I have guesses but no solid information.

It is my opinion that two things will happen in addition to improvements to SE the program in the very near future. ST5 will see the MCAD side of SE pretty well becoming a mature product. Left of course is all the freeform complex shapes modeling that the remaining ten percent or so of the CAD world want to see before they will seriously consider a move towards SE. I would think you could book this for ST6 for sure but imagine some of this stuff will have found it’s way into ST5.

The other will be the integration of applications with SE. Siemens is a manufacturing conglomerate that bought UGS for a purpose besides just having another cash producing subsidiary. While one may not be privy to what corporate boards are deciding you can observe their actions and determine where they are heading. I believe that Siemens has bought UGS to bring a piece of the complete manufaturing ecosystem into play where they can directly control the result. As such I fully expect that SE will very soon announce integrated aps with this in mind. They are going to do this. There is a legacy problem with getting this  going so while I am getting impatient for results I do not doubt the direction. Many of you know I have been chomping at the bit for CAM integration.

As a user I bought SE because I could see the potential in ST. This choice is validated every day I use this program in its functionality. The secondary benefit which was unintentional when I bought into SE has become just as important when I look at the quandary others are in with primarily SW, the program that was in contention with SE when I bought. I know these SE guys and I know the direction they are heading in is all about geometry and making my life easier to design well and quickly with my own created parts or with those from other programs. I still get a big kick out of sitting down and editing imported SW parts faster than the SW guys can. It really is hard to refute the power of ST when it is done right there in front of you. As of yet no stupid cloud imbecilities and we don’t have irrelevant redundant silly things like more photorealistic rendering programs touted as new features. All we get is real geometry creation tools and in my opinion what could be better?

How long do you intend to be in business? It is prudent to buy the software of a forward-looking consistent planning for specific purpose from a software company that is providing tools you need. Compare this to a company Like Dassault who is trying to figure out what they even want to do.  There you are the guinea pig as they try the flavor of the day and see what will stick to the wall. None of this by the way seems to be based on an actual list of user requested problem fixes or enhancements. Look folks, this Bernard nut is never going anywhere as he owns to much of it. You stay there you are stuck with his version of what you need  plus the cloud plus kernal change. There is nothing there that indicates your ability to plan for the future with a good roadmap you helped to plan as a user as far as I can see.

Autodesk has just announced that their stuff is migrating to the cloud. This means that for any serious CAD design company Inventor now becomes off-limits. Unless of course you don’t mind giving away your IP to online hackers. There is not one company out there that will guarantee in writing your IP safety on-line so if you have to guarantee this to your customers you can’t use a program that forces you on-line. Dittos for Dassault’s stuff.

I fully expect there will be a fundamental shift in the MCAD world. Truly it has already begun but with ST5 and the policy of users first Siemens is bringing to the SE table this shift is going to become a flood. SE is the way to go for some really powerful reasons and they will in a few short years be the leader in numbers too in addition to being the technology leader. ST’s flavor of direct editing will increase user efficiency and eliminate the old bugaboos of imported files headaches. Those companies that were hoping your legacy file issues would keep you under their subservience have got to be more than a little worried.

Welcome to Nashville and ST5 where the future has concise direction and best in class tools for geometry and where a software company is actually listening to its users.

3 responses to “Solid Edge University 2012 Begins Today

  1. Have a great week Dave!

  2. Dave-
    Glad to see an entry on SEU 2012. Keep them coming if you can. Some of us are listening to a realistic interpretation of the marketing hype.

  3. Hi All,
    Going through all this leaves little time for comments, at least on my end as I get busy with people and sessions while I am there.

    However as a summation. Some very good improvements in the program which I have not had a chance to play with so I won’t comment much until I do. The official Siemens PR stuff has the biggest announcements and the list. I will find a link and post it here later.

    It was very good to be here and you talk to ANYONE who was and they will tell you it is all good. SE is continuing to put geometry first. They are listening and the announcement of integrated CAM is not the only thing going on. They are not going to talk about it but rather do it this time in creating a viable user community and there will be regional ST5 rollouts again in August. Stay tuned for the list.

    The single biggest thing I took from this whole conference was the idea that Siemens and SE and in your case Ryan NX all are now subject to real planning and funding for the products. There is no more venture capital driven shortcuts that mean we as users are compromised. They have a clear direction and this is implemented in ten year plans. We can look forward to stability and developement of our tools.

    I left this conference as a believer and that we are with the company that has the best vison and plan for it’s cad users bar none. Go to for some greater in depth looks at what happened as Matt does a good job of covering it all. Let me just say this. It was fun to watch Matt as he went through sessions there especially Art Patricks. He comes out and says things like “SW thinks they are the only ones who can do this. I am just blown away with what I saw.” As he stands there with a look of shock on his face 😀

    Guys, we are with the new world beater and there is nothing that can touch this stuff in most areas now and soon in all areas. Sleep well knowing you are in the right place. It is all good.

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