China Counterfeits Corrupt Security of the Cloud and Military

“Vast numbers of counterfeit Chinese electronic parts are being used in US military equipment, a key Senate committee has reported.A year-long probe found 1,800 cases of fake parts in US military aircraft, the Senate Armed Services Committee said.

More than 70% of an estimated one million suspect parts were traced back to China The failure of a single electronic part in any military plane could pose safety and national security risks and imposes higher costs on the Pentagon, the report said”

OK, served up piping hot for our enjoyment today from the Cloud All You Can Eat Buffet! One thing is for sure at this bistro you never lack for variety.

I have been an opponent of Chinese manufacturing philosophy and goods for some time now. It is a society that has been taught that imitation of form is good enough and function of form is secondary. It is a society that has been taught to make money quickly by any means possible because tomorrow your communist overlords might begin another Cultural Revolution. It is a society that believes that theft is far better than research and IP from others is fruit for harvest however and where ever.

The pigeons are coming home to roost now and the true costs of MBA CPA prudence of manufacture by cheap and don’t worry about where are just being discovered. First gut your domestic manufacturing base and then gut the quality because once the factories are gone and your venture capital is on foreign soil you lose control. The Chinese are willing to take the gifts of IP and technology to be copied in every process moved there.

Please consider the idea of counterfeits. If the military is being compromised you know there is big time trouble. I have maintained for some time now that when our manufacturing went to China we gave them the ability to put back doors into EVERYTHING. Notice we don’t stop doing business with China, we can’t anymore. Our factories are gutted and gone. So everything becomes a game of cat and mouse where the best that can be done here is to try and catch enough of the compromised electronics so the Chinese can’t cripple us to badly. We have gone way past the point where we can remain unscathed and China will one day use these back doors for more than just corporate espionage. It will be used to attack infrastructure, finance and the military when they decide it is time for whatever reason to assert their authority over Asia and who knows where else.

So for dessert today the Chinese are serving themselves “Cloudy Delight” They build almost all the components going into Amazons secure cough cough server farms. It goes into the routers and your workstations and your company’s cell phones. Yes it even goes into those most fabulously secure virii and malware proof Apple products. I wonder just how many fishing expeditions go on every day over the internet into every company with a connection and no one is the wiser. Except of course the country that fooled our genius managers into cheap cheap cheap.  Could you prease turn you iPhone tiny bit? We need a better picture of you factry/monitor.

Remember this the next time one of these manufacturing cost cutting efficient new way of management cloud sales blurbs comes your way. If the parts marked Xeon 3690 really are that on the inside is that ALL that is on the inside? We have a whole government who sponsors this stuff and they mean no good. They actively help this along and conspire with legions of hackers and use equipment and tech our MBA CPA short-sighted idiots gave them to beat us with. How do you stay ahead of the thief if he is the one you hire to build your locks?

If you are a responsible corporate manager you have an obligation to your company, share holders, country, creditors, really just anyone who relies upon you and your products to keep all your important information offline. And with a complete disconnect from the internet and no way to get on either so dumb employees who think Facebook and Twitter is a workplace right can compromise you.

Look everyone, are you going to believe self-serving statements from those who wish to profit off of you with no regard for your future or are you going to open your eyes to the clear and present danger. Cloud is not secure and anyone who says so is flat-out just a liar.

The proof is in the pudding so to speak and there is not one ISP, server farm service, software author or infrastructure equipment provider who is willing to stand behind the service they want to sell you and guarantee security. NOT ONE!  ANYWHERE!. If I could put a volume knob on this paragraph I would because I just don’t understand people who don’t get this. Like Autodesk and Dassault for instance. Go ahead you wonderful people, sell your customers design software and then force them to give  away their design data for free on the cloud after they pay you for the privilege.

If this sounds like a rant today it is. I just hate it when we are not satisfied as a country and as an industry to shoot only one foot and we proceed to look for a stool so we can sit down and shoot the other one to. With Chinese bullets.

I don’t shop at Walmarts anymore and step outside of the China supply chain wherever I can. If it says import in the MSC catalogue or China it is no sale either unless the import is from a country like Spain or Poland. May I suggest you do so to?

UPDATE So I am reading tonight and run across this and in part I quote.

“Direct bidding is open to a wide range of investors, but as a matter of general policy we do not comment on individual bidders,” says Matt Anderson, Treasury spokesperson, in a statement on the matter.

In order to accommodate China, the U.S. Treasury Department had to upgrade its computer system to avoid hacking attempts.

“It’s also a big mistake to let the world’s arch cybercriminal direct access to Treasury’s computers,” says Gordon. “What is Geithner thinking? He should know better, but then again he always lets the Chinese walk all over him.”

Why do we bend over backwards to promote this? From Autodesk to Geithner. Why don’t we just give them the keys to everything and just become indentured servants? Snuggle up tonight in a fluffy warm fuzzy blanket and keep your teddy bear next to you and sleep well. You ARE secure on the cloud.


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