Cloud Fraud for you, BIG Shopping Cart for Chinese

So I read all the puff pieces from COFES this year and with the exception of Deelip there was hardly any mention of the failure of the cloud. Mike Payne no sooner gets done with the propaganda bit of the cloud is reliable, just trust me, when the Techsoft demo immediately after Mike’s PR deception fails because, well,  because the cloud does not work reliably. I applaud Deelip for being basically the only one I have found who attended COFES who states what happened there. in case you missed it.

So we have all the self promoting fanboys who run around extolling the wonders of the cloud that were there and who will not talk about it.  But today I want to talk about something besides the prevalent cloud companies fraud of making service delivery promises they know they can’t keep.

How about security? The NSA and the military are two groups that have to have security. It’s not an option. They both believe that only by avoiding the web can you be secure. They do not state to do so under special conditions. They do not have a single cloud software producer to recommend to you as being secure because none of them are. Enough of you guys reading this have work for or contacts with someone who produces things related to national security. Go ask them when their companies are going to the cloud with their important stuff. I think you will find they are not.

Cloud companies would prefer you not read any further so if you work for one check out now. You don’t want to know the truth anyway.

First let us look at the situation with Iran and their nuke program. There are some governments that do not like the idea of nutty jihad kook muslim’s running around with nuke’s who think they are going to get a lot of virgins in Heaven if they use them. So they just whip up this little program called Stuxnet and deliver it to the kook’s. Now the kook nuke sites are pretty high security I suppose so the best way to deliver your package would be the web I should think. The rest is history.

All major companies spend a lot of time and money on R&D. All major companies according to Mr Clark give it away as a result of putting their stuff in places where the web can access this. OK you cloud guys, Oleg and the rest, prove this man wrong. Where is your proof of security? Oh I forgot, silly me, you have all your stuff secure at a farm and under your total control. Lets just disregard the idea that nothing is secure here once it leaves this farm and pretend we are an employee of a cloud company.

Uh Oh, you mean we may not be? Yes that is exactly what the little voices from the back of the auditorium keep shouting out and you guys ignore because you want to make some money. This is the fraud associated with these cloud companies that bothers me the most. They have to know about these things and have such scant regard for customers that they would rather lie about their products and say anything they have to just to make a sale.

The wisdom of MBA/CPA types that have shipped our industrial base to China so they can have bigger bonuses is another large problem. Ever wonder why we flew into Iraq so easily at the start of the Gulf War? This is the story I have been told. Air Traffic Control was sold to Saddam by the French. Included in these and made in the USA were pc boards and or software put in these and then shipped to France and then to Iraq where they thought they had state of the art defense systems. Well they were but not quite like they thought. Just before the planes went in the command to shut down or look elsewhere or just ignore (or whatever they did) was given and our guys flew into airspace untracked. Yes I know stealth bombers but that was not the only thing going on.

This same mindset that said ship our jobs over to our enemy looks only at today’s savings. China is in case you have forgotten by the way someone who wants to dominate the world and subjugate it. They don’t want just to be the leaders economically they want a world of vassals. They feel no compunction whatsoever about stealing everything they can get their hands on and the state sponsors tons of hackers to do that.

This same MBA/CPA mindset now is saying that we can save you money if you will just believe us and go to the cloud. They have no regard for your long-term future and can only see today and your money. The idea that the cloud is technically impossible to be reliable or secure is something they would really prefer you ignore.

Question for the day. What is the difference between con men and a thief? Answer, con men  are polite and want you to think they are offering something you need or want to get your money.

You CAD guys who are faced with being told you will have to work with software in the cloud had better start waking up to the jeopardy self-serving and short-sighted companies like Autodesk and Dassault are putting you and your companies in to.

Your turn cloudies. Let’s hear from the fan club that will once again ignore these issues.

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