Welcome “On The Edge”, a new Solid Edge blog

I would like to take a minute to welcome Matt Lombard’s new blog   http://ontheedge.dezignstuff.com/  to the world of Solid Edge. I have enjoyed reading his commentary on Solid Works, and other things of course, for a few years now. Matt makes a living off of software and so he not only brings the viewpoint of a user he also brings the insight that accompanies someone who is self-employed.

I find in many cases that someone who just punches a clock somewhere has a dramatically different viewpoint than someone who has to make sure things work right and well. The self-employed guy is different because he see’s every aspect of the work from sales to get new clients to how does my software work to making sure the product is satisfactory.

I enjoy Matt’s comments on software in his “Dezignstuff” blog and the comments on other aspects of the CADCAM world that impinges upon what we users do and have to deal with. There is commonality for users no matter which software you use as we all have similar problems in many ways and for sure similar goals. It is why I am interested in programs I do not actually use. It never hurts to see what others are up to.

Now finally I get to see Matt delve into Solid Edge for real and I look forward to his point of view.

Go on over and have a look and give him a welcome!

2 responses to “Welcome “On The Edge”, a new Solid Edge blog

  1. Thanks for the heads up Dave, I too have always enjoyed Matt’s work – I have several of his ‘Bible’ books and the blog is a must read. Momentum, it’s all about momentum.

    • Hi Neil, You are welcome. I am finding out things for ST5 launch in Nashville this year that are VERY encouraging. I am beginning to arrive at the idea that they are for real going to get their act together and it will begin in a big way there.

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