Turnabout is FAIR PLAY for China CADCAM and ZW3D

As you may have surmised I have an interest in ZW3D. One of the amusing aspects of the ZW3D buyout of VX is how in the domestic Chinese press it is labeled as “homegrown” and domestically produced. It is anything but and VX was bought for it’s unique modeling kernal as a package deal from the real creators in the USA.

Hand in hand with these fluff pieces of feel good propaganda was a recent release of an article talking about ZW3D and domestic cadcam efforts and it is as follows.


“Current Location: Press and Publication China News publication reported that the newsletter version 6: Copyright weekly body

Chinese industrial development of software industry alliance first anniversary Domestic CAD adversity breakthrough

: radius of the source: News of China published the report update time :2012-1-12 11:03:44

Chinese industrial development of software industry alliance was held in Beijing recently set up an annual wrap-up, from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, SME Division, the state information technology advisory committee of experts, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and Chinese Academy of Engineering, industry experts, corporate and other representatives to discuss the development of CAD software. China Press reported that “the reporter learned at the meeting, foreign CAD software to enter the domestic market and the piracy rampant of the CAD software, foreign software and pirated software, once monopolized the lion’s share of the CAD market in China, resulting in domestic CAD is facing enormous challenges. Vendor alliance to form a concerted effort to promote the development of industrial software, which is the Industrial Software Alliance, set up its mind.

To promote domestic industrial software development is imminent

Union Deputy Secretary-General Du Jingzhe introduced, compared to domestic and foreign enterprises related data, the advantage of foreign industrial software companies more significant, but the situation of the domestic industry software is also remarkable: the low-end market has been popularized in the mid-market share is constantly improved, high-end market is beginning to achieve a breakthrough. R & D products has formed a system, covering the various stages of product life cycle. Among them, the faster the development of CAD, 2D CAD accounted for 30% market share at the low end of the market, some companies through acquisitions, partnerships, etc., to introduce and absorb the developed countries, technology, R & D levels to rapidly improve.

In recent years, the overall level of industrial software development has to have a relatively large increase, but there is a large gap compared with developed countries, on the one hand, our industrial software late start, on the other hand, the vast majority of enterprises understanding of the industrial software is also very limited. On the whole, the development of China’s industrial software has a long way to go, also because of this, it is urgent to promote the development of industrial software.

Local firms a role model

China’s industrial software by leaps and bounds, on the one hand, government and industry associations in strong support of all aspects of policy and resources, and the need to enhance the general awareness for domestic industrial software. Most importantly, the need to rely on the growth of the local industrial software vendors.

Commission by letter from the Ministry of Industry, led the establishment of the joint of the excellent field of industrial software vendors Industry Software Alliance, organized a professional forum in the past year in succession, policy recommendations, the application of research and many other activities, through policy, the application promotion, and at all levels to promote the development of industrial software. Meanwhile, the software vendors who are members of the Union, but also continuously improve its own strength, to serve as a model. For example, 3D product is launched in the hope that a high price, high-end measurements of CAD / CAM software products. In the hope that the acquisition of U.S. VX CAD / CAM software system architecture and technology by adding new products to further refine and improve products, making the look 3D soon in the domestic market place. The introduction of 3D look, in the hope that the company jumped by a 2D CAD platform vendors contains a two-dimensional, three-dimensional CAD / CAM integration solutions platform vendors, ushered in a rapid development opportunities. Industrial Software Alliance executive director, chairman of the unit, the software in the hope that official said, in the hope that software is currently the most professional 2D and 3D design software suppliers, R & D CAD / CAM software is a very important industrial design software for the majority of manufacturing enterprises to provide a strong driving force for innovation.”


China has become famous for the theft of everything they can get their hands on. From running knockoff parts on your equipment you were so kind as to provide them, hacked software and stolen IP, bidding on one thing and then providing lesser quality  to other things like melanine in milk to steal better test results so as to charge a higher price on stuff made by some of the most polluting factories known to mankind.

So it is with interest I see the article talking about the concept that it takes time and money to produce things like CADCAM software. That perhaps there should be a move towards protecting the domestic producers of these things from the rampant plundering and pillaging foreign products and companies suffer from.

I recieved an email this week that was telling me that China’s Premier 3D CADCAM program, thats ZW3D for those of you in Rio Lindo :-), has been hacked and is currently available on Chinese sites.

HEY, welcome to the reality you all have created for yourselves and keep us up to date on how that protection of your intellectual property rights thingy is working for you.

Let me make something clear here. I buy what I use and I don’t advocate doing otherwise. But I can’t help but be amused when a society that makes a mockery of IP rights and protection is hoist by their own petard.


Just as an aside here. American (and European etal) industry run by CPA’s and MBA’s are partly responsible for this by dictating that cheapest is bestest and we will lower the quality until people refuse to buy anymore. So they go to China and tell them basically that we don’t care how you do it just make it cheap cheap cheap and with little to no oversight of industry tons of bad things happen.

Our wonderful and creative accountant captains of industry go to China to avoid rules, regulations and taxes socialist idiots like Pelosi, Reid and Obama inflict upon them rather than fight for better standards here. They knowingly turn and look the other way as long as they can while writing themselves huge salaries and bonuses so far out of line from the historical norm that it is mind boggling. All this on stock that pays no worthwhile dividends and whose profit for investors seemingly now depends on market manipulations to drive the stocks up and down and you being lucky enough to buy low sell high.

They of course are the primary beneficiaries of this system as they can manipulate numbers for public release and drive stock prices accordingly. Theoretically this is illegal as insider trading and is prohibited unless you happen to be in Congress where the allowed loophole makes it OK for members of this political aristocracy.  Basically they have set themselves up to plunder companies and shareholders and the stockmarket. I am afraid that in part the Chinese are learning these moral standards from our very own Titans of industry and corrupt politicians who have helped to fund this and promote this.


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