Update for CAM and Other Things with SE

I am sitting here with a grin on my face today. As a matter of fact this post was saved in Notepad for initial editing with the title “Happy Cam Post” while I was figuring what all I wanted to say.  Here is the deal. There will be a series of Productivity Summits again this early spring. I don’t have a lot of details yet other than it is going to happen again this spring and they will be held in a number of locations nation wide. And yes there will be a Summit for SE in Nashville around the begining of summer.

Now leading up to this are some things to consider. Basically ST5 is done and now begins the serious effort towards what and which are the final decisions as to what will be included in the release of ST6 and other future versions. I am not privy to what will be in there but I can say this. SE is paying close attention to what current and prospective users actively need and want in a product they will use or want to buy into. If you see an SE or Siemens official asking questions about features and problems I suggest you pay close attention and respond with what you honestly need and think. Decisions are being made and while the route of the SE highway has been pretty well laid out, where the interchanges are going to be located and where the exits may lead can be heavily influenced with active actual user feedback.  No one way tickets to cloud land either as far as I can tell by the way 🙂  It does not matter which program you are using and I think you can see with the active surfacing discussions going on over at Matt Lombards blog SE is interested in YOUR opinion. Isn’t it nice to have the attention of those who actualy listen to what you say? They want to know what tools USERS want for geometry creation.

Yeah that stuff that has to be created by the end of the day because if things aren’t created there is no reason for you to have a job.

So Dave, that all sounds like nice stuff but what exactly does this have to do with CAM? I am pleased to say that there is going to be something done in this area. It will not be in time for ST5 but there are plans being made for the future. Exactly what is yet to be determined but now is the time for current and prospective users to begin speaking up about their needs. Part of this will be a better collection of data, especially from current SE users, as to what needs to be done in this area. Other areas too like perhaps CAE but for sure CAM is going to be in there. My wish list would include an interface with my Faroarm 🙂 SO when you attend the Productivity Summits (You are going to try and be there aren’t you?)  be sure to fill these surveys out. It is my hope that VARS are going to be involved in this to so that users who can’t get to the Summit will also be asked.  You guys who attend the Summit (You are going to try to be there aren’t you?) in Nashville who want a cam solution for SE better pay attention this time and make sure your voices are heard. Don’t walk by the CAM jar and not toss one in because you don’t think it will ever happen this time around. Don’t throw the survey form in the trash can. They will be asking not to patronise you as a user and fend off criticisms of nothing being done but in a serious attempt to get you to help determine what needs to be done.

Ahhh yes, cam. Because if there is no production of a real thing somewhere there is no need for that cad job either is there. Reality rendering so to speak instead of just making pretty pictures.



Now is the time to speak up about what your needs are, what works what does not work. This IS the stage at which all of our feedbacks are needed if planing for eventual cam is to include your desires. Please be thinking about this now and in the months leading up to Nashville. In the upcoming productivity Summits and the real Summit this spring your feedback, or lack of it, will determine in part where we end up.

This is not the time to sit on the fence here and think about how it has been but to consider how you want it to be and help make it be so.

Yuppers, end of the post and the smile is still there!

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