Fixing a Solid Works 2008 import

    This is one of those real situations from the ST4 launch I found to be quite interesting. This is from the Energist Group company which is an outfit that specializes in medical devices. The demo was courtesy of Andrew Thomas, PHD.,MIET who is the CTO of this company.

  They buy other companies and when this happens of course they have to deal with files created in other CAD programs. This particular example was from Solid Works 2008.

    You know with something that looks as simple as the attached film clip that there is time spent to learn how to respond to various scenarios and I am quite sure this was true here. It does not however change the end result because if the tools are there all you have to do is learn how to do it. It is just amazing to me to see things like this and remember the geometry healing rigamarole I have had to deal with in the past. There is no doubt in my mind he picked one of his best examples to show here but from my own experience with my own parts I can say these “I can’t believe it did that” moments happen all the time.

     I have included the powerpoint from this session also. There is a fair amount about the company and what they do first before the meat and potatoes but you can see what the company does as an industry and reflect upon the idea that SE is their CAD program of choice and then see why. Here is the Powerpoint from his session.

 102 – Reusing and manipulating 3rd party CAD data using synchronous technology – Energist 

   I spent some time with Andrew talking about the impact of ST and he feels just like I do in that I would rather lose my right arm than have to go back to the old way. It’s kind of funny how both of us have even started to forget how we used to do things in traditional or history based stuff.

    I think that as people learn more about how to use ST there is going to be a ton of examples like this because we are still figuring out what all this can do. One thing is for sure. If you aren’t using ST you can’t do these things but then Rube Goldberg would have not used ST either would he.

                                                      Regards, Dave Ault

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