ST4 launch event

    Obviously not a lot to talk about yet but I can say that seeing the boxes being unpacked there is no doubt in my mind that SE ST is a more than capable complex shapes modeler. It is beyond my current capabilities because I just don’t do these things in my line of work and therefore I have never had to learn how to. But I have to admit that just seeing these examples in front just may well inspire me to learn how anyway. It is neat to see what others are doing outside of the “factory floor” that my world revolves around.

   This “lack of complex shape modeling” is the principle objection I hear about  SE and as time permits I will be posting some pictures of things done in SE that will  dispell that concept.

   Great to be here and see the rebirth of the SE community and be able to say with confidence based on what I am seeing that SE and Siemens certainly appear to want to get behind and promote their users  in time, money and software.

                                                                                            Dave Ault

2 responses to “ST4 launch event

  1. Dave
    Just read the “what’s new” and there looks like some genuinely great functionality has been added in ST4. The centre plane relationship is very welcome and is something a SW user would badly miss if they were moving to SE. The improved graphics can only be good though I reckon the reflective floor is to help sales pitches against SW/IV. Personally I dislike this feature in SW and find it “gimmicky” but when going head to head with SW/IV you need to have it or the interface looks lack-luster.
    Also, sync relationships are very welcome as it now starts to give the sort of behaviour we are used to in sketches. Holes snapping on cylinders is also much needed.

    Can’t wait to see how it all works together.

    • Most of what I am seeing here is not new bells and whistles as much as it is improving work flow and giving us better tools for geometry creation. there are new features but for most all of them they center around user productivity. ST4 as far as I can see is a bunch of really good refinements on how well the program will work for users in the real world.

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