ST4 in Huntsville, Why YOU should be there!

  I remember when I decided to start shopping for a different program than VX about three years ago in an effort to find a good MCAD program. One of the big things under consideration was that I did not want to have another program with basically no job potential and no user community to speak of. So off I went looking.

  At the time I was reading basically about SW and SE and deciding these were the finalists so to speak. I went to two SW demo days in Nashville and had nothing similar to go to for SE. Time passes as I sit on the fence looking and thinking and then ST1 is released. This was of real interest to me because with VX I never got files authored by another VX user and the idea of getting in files from anywhere and working on them the way it looked as though I could in SE was a very compelling thing.

   So I set up a demo with a VAR in Hunstville and was hooked the first time I saw a part edited from VX faster than I could do it in VX. And of course SW immediately lost me because they had nothing like ST.

   BUT there was the community and jobs thing there to consider and I have to admit I almost went with the second best choice based on capabilities for what I do because of this instead of SE. Function to me as the user however won out over the idea of community as I work for myself and really I just needed the best tools and not just  the promise of work based on a larger user base. With ST I did  not care where the file came from anyway.

  Now I know this is a bit of a windy post but I am laying the ground work for you to see why I made choices and what I found myself in.

   I get SE ST1 and find that out side of the forums SE has a moribund user community and it is soley the result of UGS management that cared so little for SE users that in 2005 they destroyed the community by ending the “Summits” and then continuing the fine tradition of anonymity as “The Best Software You’ve Never Heard Of” with no advertising and publicity.  Enter Siemens through a UGS buyout and they had a different viewpoint of SE users.

   About a year and a half ago I was raising a big stink about users being taken for granted by UGS Siemens etal when I recieved a letter from Karsten Newbury telling me that things were going to change.  He was an entirely different kettle of fish than this Bruce Boes long time UGS guy was and I decided to be quiet and give Karsten a chance as he asked for to prove himself.

   It is hard to believe that SE is the same company a year and a half later I can tell you Siemens and SE are dead serious about users, what they want and need and developing the community. The lesson of how SW grew and the value of listening to users and building the community just like SW used to do was not lost on the new guys at Siemens and they, mainly Karsten as the driving force as far as I can tell, are going to change it all.

   SO, do you care about what you use at work all day SE users? Do you think perhaps if you could be somewhere where you could meet with the movers and shakers of SE who are going to listen to feedback and requests and determine in part how the product is developed it just might be of benefit? Can you see benefit in two days of ST4 training and how to’s? Can you see any benefit in the user network and meeting other users who in my experience are only to happy to help you out when asked?

   This is a new day for SE and this event in Huntsville on 6-15 and 16 is the beginning of the revival of the SE community and then the dramatic expansion of the same. Every ten years or so it seems that creative energy and great new tools and ways of doing things are passed from companies that have forgotten about what made them successfull to those who are hungry. It was PTC years ago yielding to SW. Now it is going to be SW doing the same as SE brings the new better way to the table along with actually giving a flip what users want and need. I think that the Huntsville June 15-16 convention will be regarded as where all this jelled into reality and I for one would not miss it. I am signed up and I hope you will be to.


                                                                                                               Dave Ault

6 responses to “ST4 in Huntsville, Why YOU should be there!

  1. Move up to NX.

    • NX is more powerfull and capable than any other cad software out there if you want to spend the time and money but also very complex and in most cases for the general MCAD market gross overkill. This is why mid range modelers exist.

  2. We were tired of all the excuses and compromises from mid range cad and cam companies. Our experience was very similar to your VX experience but with a different company. You will get tired of the excuses and compromises as well and move up to NX.

    • I can’t say that. I am very happy to be where I am and with a program that does all I need. I am curious to know what program you were using that treated you so badly and could you elaborate on excuses and compromises? I always like specifics and not generalities.

  3. Solid Edge and Gibbscam. Don’t miss either one.

    • This is a notice to this poster and any others who are going to post on this blog. I will not from this point on allow any posts that come from the TOR anonymiser, or indeed from any address that I can’t verify, as if you can’t be polite enough to post with a verifiable email address I will exclude you. There is no good excuse to do this unless you are a troll as far as I am concerned. I suspect NX Man is really JB.

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